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[Integration] Bringing Loox Reviews to AMP pages - Ampify Me + Loox

by Ampify Me team October 31, 2018

ampify me and loox integration
Loox + Ampify Me

Imagine having a site that loads instantly. You are probably thinking that this site would be stripped out, unappealing and for sure without all the tricks you want to use in order to increase conversion. One of the most important triggers for better conversion is social proof. Or even better, a great looking page with tons of positive reviews. That is why AMP by Ampify Me now supports Loox reviews.

How will Loox improve my AMP page?

Loox is a photo reviews app that empowers Shopify merchants to collect tons of visual reviews from happy customers and create elegant online stores shoppers can trust. Loox generates significantly more reviews with photos and displays them in stunning review galleries boosting credibility, trust, conversions, and sales.

So how do I get started?

Quite simple, after installing Loox on your store you can easily enable the widget in our super optimized pages by simply providing your Loox ID and clicking on a checkbox to enable Loox widget. It is that simple. Can't wait to sign up for Loox, head to http://loox.io/app/ampifyme and get your reviews instantly served to your customers.